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I would actually argue in morgana's case her scrawnyness is fitting. By your standards I might be able to bench lbs at the gym tonight. Thanksgiving sexy girl. Naked miss fortune. Does anyone know where I can find other high res versions?

Zyra is technically a twig. I'm constantly confused any time there's more than 1 female in a combat. Log in or sign up in seconds. Vi punches your face. If you like my work, please consider to support me on Patreon. Just a couple more League of Legends edits.

But I like what you did with MF's picture. She's still hot, and her boobs don't look awkwardly huge buddy I showed this to thought I shrunk them, which I didn't. Photos of jennifer lopez naked. I hope they do. On the other hand, holy shit, she'll break in half if she tries to stand up. Also, I happened to find a super high quality version of the Quinn art, but not until I had already started this. A bit overboard on the ribcage size, and obviously the shading is off now on the torso, but generally a good idea.

That's how you wanted to design your character? I actually dont care about comic proportions in my video games, but the fact is that youve actually made MF more attractive this way. Same with Zyra - whether exceptions to my theory that Riot has a positive trend or evidence that they haven't really changed the formula, IDK.

Miss Fortune's boobs have forever been replaced with these things since they changed the old splashart. I can forgive how weird say, Morgana looks because it fits her to look emaciated and unhealthily thin, but the likes of MF just looks She'd look even worse fat, but a bit of muscle and beef would really work and make her seem tougher.

I don't disagree about the other champions being better at evading, and ultimately surviving, but when it comes down to straight face-tanking, MF is pretty great thanks to her high HP. Not without it's problems obviously. Is this what you were thinking of you sick bastard?

It wasn't until the release of the Season 3 Cinematic commentary that I got on board with Riot's design. Hi do you still take comissions? I cringe when I see the women on the splashart being too skinny especially morgana. I really do think it's great, but it sometimes doesn't really match the parts you didn't "fix". Claudia marie diary of a milf. IMO her arm looks a bit awkward. But yeah, yours is way better. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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And actually looks like she has some definition and could actually do something remotely athletic.

I understand it's a style choice but when every female in the game has the same body type besides the girlchild, it's a bit problematic. Indean sexy xxx. It should be softened or taken out. Not without it's problems obviously. Akali's default splash is probably one of the most confusing for me.

Zyra is kind of similar.

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If Riot wants to appeal to the male crowd with hugely oversized breasts, they still don't have to give them a size -2 xD ; Good Job! Just google image searched it, and I believe it's "Maoyuu Maou Yuusha". I agree with you btw on the men BUT they are not as sex objectified as women. Want to add to the discussion? It wasn't until the release of the Season 3 Cinematic commentary that I got on board with Riot's design. I always thought the biggest issue was how stick thin her arms are.

Leona was really a turning point IMO for giving the female characters who hit things some muscle mass. To be honest, I was never really against the splash arts being so ludicrously impossible. Naked miss fortune. I actually kind of wanted to do a few of these but I went in and didn't find TOO many instances where the girls were disgustingly thin. Chaina girl pussy. I think she looks awesome, personally. I can forgive how weird say, Morgana looks because it fits her to look emaciated and unhealthily thin, but the likes of MF just looks This time the new Akali splash art and the classic Quinn art.

I hope they do. The other key difference of course is that while the men in LoL are perhaps ridiculously muscled, they actually usually look like they're going to a battle rather than an evening ball Got like I can do Edit http: With Janna, the idea is she sort of gave herself over the the primal elements and became an "avatar of the wind".

They were not successful…. Isn't Ashe supposed to be a queen, and Janna just a sort of generic wind-sorceress? Every guy in the league is a muscled beast; dunno if that is realistic. Log in or sign up in seconds. I know Riot wants every female champ to be hot, but come on, not anorexic please. P - yordles excluded as well. Stocking big tits pics. They could still reduce her breasts if she isn't meant to look sexy You're idea is cool though, not knocking it, just stating my preference.

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